I established my Independent Jewellery Design company in 1998, and we now specialise in creating Unique, Bespoke Rings through personal design consultations, by appointment only.

I strongly believe that jewellery should be individual, beautiful and enjoyable to wear - yet not cost the earth, in any sense.

We work in gold - in all its forms – in platinum and palladium, and use all sorts of gemstones, not just diamonds, in our designs. Our jewellery is for all occasions – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays, or just for pure adornment.

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The concept of Individuality in jewellery is very important to me. Everyone should have the choice of jewellery which expresses their own personality, and not be stuck with yet another mass-manufactured product worn by hundreds of other women. Jewellery, like clothing, is a vehicle for self-expression - we each have our unique self to express, not be dictated to by the multinationals who peddle their cloned wares expensively across the globe.


An even bigger concern of mine is the ethical sourcing of raw materials, the precious metals, diamonds and gemstones we use in our designs. The industry is improving in this regard, but from a very low base point and there is a long way to go. All our diamonds and gold are sourced with regard to the highest ethical, socially and environmentally responsible standards, and I am a Certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. I do my best to make sure that ALL our materials meet the same standards, BUT the industry is far from perfect, and clients often require unusual gems which have no provable ethical traceability. I always advise my clients if this is the case and offer them ethical alternatives.


Everyone who works with me loves jewellery, and we have customer service at the top of our list of priorities. Most importantly, we are friendly and approachable, and always listen to what YOU want.

That’s the great thing about Bespoke Jewellery – it is made for you, to your specifications and to fulfil your personal priorities and criteria. That is why we do not stock ready-made jewellery – but design Unique Bespoke pieces for Individual Clients. Whether it’s a treat for you, or a gift for someone else, we want you to have exactly the right thing & be happy.

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and welcome your comments and suggestions.


I can’t say that I have always taken the most straightforward or conventional paths in life, but that is because I was brought up always to try to think differently and with an original perspective, whatever the issue.

I’ve taken a pretty unconventional route to becoming a jewellery designer too. That has the advantage that I don’t carry the traditional jeweller’s baggage. I view the industry as a critical outsider but with an insider’s contacts and knowledge, which all goes to inform and advise my clients.

In spite of artistic ambitions, at university I trained in finance and economics. On leaving, I taught degree students for a few years before going to work in overseas development in South America. On returning, I worked for a number of years in the UK charity sector. Finally, I decided it was time to resume my earlier interests with a diploma in 3-dimensional design, and that is how I became interested in jewellery.

So there it is – art and design, business and ethics all bundled up in the establishment of my jewellery design company.

I’ve enjoyed extensive travel to exotic places to source gems, unique jewellery and inspiration. I love equally the minimal architectural lines of modernism, the delicate intricacy of Islamic decoration and the direct simplicity of ancient cultural artefacts. My aesthetic is eclectic and I hope that makes me more able to create a unique and personally meaningful piece of jewellery for each of my clients.

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