Not everyone wants or needs an individual bespoke ring designed and made for them. This is particularly so when what you want is a Wedding Ring or a Classic Eternity Ring. For these commissions, our Custom-made Service is more cost-effective.

Some wedding rings do, of course need to be bespoke, particularly if you want an individual shape to fit around an engagement ring. We will very quickly establish from our initial chat whether what you want requires a bespoke design or is better accomplished as a Custom-made commission.



Classic Styles

Most classic Wedding Ring styles are based on timeless designs, patterns and profiles which are readily available as Custom items through the specialist workshops we use in Birmingham.

The same is true of Classic Eternity Rings and of most diamond-set Wedding Rings.

You can still choose the type of metal you want to use, the width, thickness, style and profile and which, if any, diamonds or gemstones you want to include, as well as adding a personal engraving.

Each ring is made exclusively for you, but because these are classic styles, all the set-up and design work has already been done, so your ring is custom-made and tailored to your specifications, but without the one-off costs of bespoke.


Shaped Wedding Rings

There are some pre-designed shapes which may fit your engagement ring, so these can be ordered in the same way as the Classic styles.

If you do require a bespoke shaped wedding ring, we also offer that service which we will discuss with you in detail. To make a matching shaped ring, we will need your engagement ring as so that we can ensure a perfect fit right through to the final polish. This may take up to 6 weeks.

Start the ball rolling with an email and we'll arrange an initial call to discuss what you have in mind.

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