Ring size gaugeIn the UK, ring sizes are denoted by letters - from A to Z and beyond. There are different sizing conventions in the US, on Continental Europe and elsewhere.

A standard UK ring size for women is around M or N, with H being very small. For men, standard sizes are around R and S, with sizes greater than Z not uncommon.

There are two principle ways to measure ring size - to the leading edge, and to the mid-point. The latter is a better guide to actual ring size, especially on wide rings. So you need to be aware of this if you have your finger measured.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are worn on the left hand, with the wedding band on first, followed by the engagement ring and any eternity rings.

For a right handed person, the fingers on the right hand are usually slightly larger than those on the left, and vice versa.

Another thing to bear in mind is that wider rings need to be slightly larger than narrow bands. This also applies when a group of rings is worn on one finger.


Finding her ring size - some friendly helpMaking sure your ring is the right size is the tricky thing if you are planning a surprise.

You may already know her ring size from previous experience, which would be very helpful. Or you may have to resort to subterfuge.

A ruse used by more than one client is to enlist the help of one of her best friends. Girls may go out together trying on rings just for fun, even in somewhere like Accessorise. If you can trust one of her friends to keep the secret, this can work well.

Alternatively, if you can acquire a ring, which you know she wears, from her jewellery box, that is also a good start, but do pay attention to which hand and which finger she wears it on.

We are very happy to send you a little gadget to help you estimate her ring size, but the only way to be absolutely sure is to measure her finger with a professional ring gauge.


Resizing a ringIt is not the end of the world if you get her size wrong, as we can resize most rings.

Generally speaking, it is easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make it larger. Resizing almost always requires cutting, reshaping and resoldering the ring. If it there are diamonds in the shank or band these may have to be reset, so it is always easier to resize a plain band.

Some rings are more difficult to resize than others - such as full eternity rings, where gemstones fill the whole circumference of the ring, and highly decorated or filigree bands. These are a minority of styles, and we will advise you about sizing at the design stage, and nothing (within reason) is impossible.

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