Custom-made or BespokeWhen it comes to engagement rings (and other jewellery for that matter) the terms ‘Bespoke’ and ‘Custom-made’ are often used interchangeably for personalised designs, but there is a difference. And if you are thinking of buying a special ring, it is worth knowing what’s what.

So here goes ...


A bespoke ring is designed from scratch and made exclusively for you to a unique design. Like a bespoke suit, it is completely personal and fits your priorities exactly.

The design is created precisely to your specifications, then the diamonds or gemstones are sourced according to your criteria and the final ring is built around your stones to enhance their individual qualities. This is the most personal, flexible way to create a ring.


Custom-making a ring is like selecting your options for a new car. The car may be a mass produced design, but you get to choose the equipment, interior and paint job. When building a custom ring, you choose from a selection of ring mounts and metals then add a standard sized diamond (usually) of your choice. Custom-made is more flexible than a ready-made ring, but it is not a personalised design and usually has few options for alternative gemstones.


Off-the-shelf or ready-made rings are just that. You see one in a shop or online, and you buy it. This is the least personal option, and the same design will be worn by hundreds of women; the only personal touche you can add is to order it in the ring size you want.

Ready-mades use standard-spec diamonds, often uncertified, you are limited by the stock shops hold, and they have an interest in selling you just what they have, which will not necessarily be what best fits your priorities.



Well, personally I would always go for bespoke, but I would say that wouldn’t I? It’s her special Forever Ring, she doesn’t want it to be the same as a hundred other women are wearing. And these days new technology means that anyone who wants it can have their own unique design.


Getting the right advice is the key to success. Commissioning a bespoke ring may seem daunting at first, and it may take you out of your comfort zone, but with the right advice you can get it right – and she will love it that you did!

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There's a lot to know - I have written a book on the subject. It is available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions, but you can Browse all Chapters Online here


just Download the Chapters which interest you


There is a lot of information to digest, more than you would expect, but then it IS one of the biggest single life purchases.

If you would like some help translating all your ideas into a ring she'll love, you can start the ball rolling with an initial call to me at our Walton on Thames Studio on 01932 918189 or get in touch HERE to arrange a no-obligation chat.

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