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My book, ‘The Engagement Ring Handbook – a Man’s Guide to Getting it Right’, is published on Amazon in both Print and Kindle versions. It is there to help anyone with that very tricky matter of choosing the right engagement ring. Here are some free extracts and other materials for you to download and read.
The first Chapter of the Engagement Ring Handbook looks at setting YOUR priorities for the Engagement Ring you want to find.Chapter 2 of the Engagement Ring Handbook is all about making sure your get it right first time.Chapter 3 of the Engagement Ring Handbook asks the question 'How much should you spend?'

Ch4 of the Engagement Ring handbook talks in more detail about the common mistakes people make when buying a ring.Who can you trust to give you the best practical advice to avoid the common mistakes people make when buying an engagement ring?A very brief History of the Engagement Ring, tol give the tradition a bit of context and perhaps inform your choices for the better.

An introduction to some of the ethical, environmental and sustainability issues relating to the diamond supply chain, and the response from global jewellery industry interests.Demystifyng the hype around diamonds - tells you all you really NEED to know to make an informed choice based on sound advice.Good alternatives to diamonds for your engagement ring. We examine the pros and cons of the rare and beautiful coloured gemstones which have always traditionally been valued and used in betrothal rings.

An unbiased examination of cultured or laboratory grown diamonds and gemstones as an ethical and affordable alternative for your engagement ring.Examining the full range of precious metals available to you in designing your engagement ring.All about choosing the right shape for your diamond or gemstone, and avoiding the mistakes which people often make.

The issues relating to the style and design of your ring and what to be aware of when choosing you ring.Some great proposal stories to inspire youFurther information, Glossary and Resources to help you make a decision about your engagement ring
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